Investing in LED Lighting needs to be done right. That is why here at vootu we recognize there is no substitute for an onsite evaluation to make sure the correct recommendations are made. vootu has a group of authorized LED consultants who are the most knowledgeable LED lighting consultants in the USA. Our goals are to help businesses from making the mistake of purchasing the wrong LED solution.

vootu consultants are ethical, putting the clients needs first. We strive to develop the best LED investment for every organization by prioritizing your dollars and justifying the investment with accurate savings analysis.

All vootu consultants work diligently to exceed their clients expectations. From audit to install, our turn key solutions make the transition from expensive legacy lighting to affordable commercial grade LED easy.

All vootu consultants offer financing solutions to make investing not only affordable but “NO COST”. Let the savings pay for the product. This way you never have to come out of pocket with a dime.

Lighting may sound simple. We are all used to replacing light bulbs and purchasing them ourselves. Today this is not as simple as purchasing a light bulb. LED lamps are complete electronic devices and require the expertise of a certified consultant to assure the results you hope to achieve.

A salesman will sell you a product and not always the one that’s best for your needs. Here at vootu our consultants work for you first, understanding what you aim to achieve. They then craft a solution that will improve your lighting quality, increase your profits and help position your company for success.

Let me ask you– would you rather be SOLD? Or would you rather have a consultant develop the right solution and support it with a financial analysis that reinforces what a great investment vootu LED is. Working with a vootu consultant guarantees success and eliminates any RISK.

vootu consultants have helped organizations throughout the USA profit by investing in vootu. Hotels, casinos, schools, hospitals, restaurants, gas stations, manufacturing plants, parking lots, roadways, gymnasiums, retail stores and ware houses are just a few facilities we work with.