Reasons to Change to LED Lighting

vootu why LED
Vintage incandescent light bulb.

Today as our world changes at a rapid pace, computers are essential both for work and home life. The internet makes available an unbelievable amount of information whether its research or acquisitions we all turn to the internet. Yet one aspect of all our lives remains outdated– “How we chose to illuminate our environment”.

Edison’s incandescent transformed lighting and brought in an era of electric powered lights invented in 1879 and until recently, still found in stores. Fluorescent technology arrived in 1950 and compact screw in versions took a hold by the early 1980’s and are an option still today.

All of the legacy light forms prior to LED had one thing in common. They create heat to produce light!!!

In fact, incandescent lights convert 90% of the energy they consume into heat, fluorescent lamps convert 80% to heat, yet LED lamps are the inverse, as low as 10%, therefore converting 90% of the energy we pay for into visible light. That’s why 8 watts of LED competes with 60 watts of LED… EFFICIENCY plain and simple.

Legacy lamps not only contribute to unwanted heat they also produce poor quality light, emitting both ultra violet and infra-red light and neither contribute to our well being. Short life expectancies make routine replacements inevitable and fluorescent linear tubes have the added cost of requiring a ballast to energize the lamp.

Who said LED lamps are expensive? Just stop and consider how many light bulbs you have purchased in the last 5 years or how much you paid an electrician to replace a ballast during the same period. During that time an LED lamp would NOT have required to be changed and would have provided higher quality lighting with very low amounts of heat produced. Individuals sensitive to fluorescent flicker would have avoided the onset of migraines induced by the 60HZ frequency and best of all LED would have paid for itself at the same time. Wouldn’t you agree it’s time for LED lighting? You probably already have the LED TV that will not save you a penny, so for once let’s use logic not emotion to make a buying decision you will be pleased with!

If these reasons alone do not motivate action, then consider the harmful toxins found in fluorescent lamps, those inconspicuous curly lamps have Mercury and Phosphorous inside. Add up all the lamps disposed of incorrectly and our landfills become contaminated with poisons that eventually leach into our watercourses and harm the environment. This is an easy fix so please be responsible and help both yourself and our environment by upgrading to LED lighting.