Why Long LED Warranties “don’t mean GOOD Quality”

Today many LED lighting products offer long warranties often 5 years, or in some cases even longer. Here is a word of caution. DO NOT assume a long warranty represents a high quality product.

In today’s market, LED suppliers use warranty as a way of suggesting the product is reliable, some even offer warranties so unbelievable you are left wondering, “who would fall for that?” I advocate caution when purchasing LED products, ask about the quantity of product in the marketplace that has passed the warranty period. Ask to speak to organizations who can support that claim.

Some manufacturers offer 10 year warranties, but on close inspection, that only applies to the light engine (diodes). The power supply is either exempt entirely or has a far shorter warranty. All warranties are not the same, therefore, read the document explaining the warranty. Be comfortable should failures arise, that the warranty process works for you. Be careful with language stating “product must be shipped back to manufacturer at your expense“. This could turn out to be CHINA and totally uneconomical rendering the warranty useless.

Certain LED products can attract good rebates and often require those products to be certified under programs like Design Light Consortium or Energy Star. Neither of these certifications test product for reliability. Only light performance and efficacy.

In short, view all warranty statements carefully and investigate the manufacturer. Diligently ask for case studies of product in similar applications to yours with similar hours of operation to determine if their reliability claims are verifiable!