Replacing traditional fluorescent lighting with either vootu’s LED T8 replacement lamps or upgrade to a new clean and contemporary panel light fixture will bring both noticeable improvements in lighting quality and at the same time eliminate expensive maintenance costs associated with fluorescent lighting.

With over 50% energy savings, your vootu LED solution will deliver a very attractive return on investment, usually within 2 years and with any 24 hour lighting operation we aim to deliver a 1 year return on your investment. Every day you do not take action you lose!

Upgrade your old ceiling cans and eliminate poor illumination. vootu has the industries most comprehensive range of retrofit can light kits from 4″, 6″, 8″ & 10″ in solutions all dimmable and with a variety of color correlated temperatures from warm 2700k to daylight 5000k.

Retail space can improve their display pieces with vootu’s range of PAR lights and BR range of simple screw in retrofits. Other common lighting solutions we offer:

  • A19 – A great replacement for inefficient incandescent lamps or aesthetically unpleasant CFL lamps
  • GU10
  • MR16
  • PAR 16,20,30 & 38
  • BR 20, 30 & 40

Warehouse/Industrial Lighting
One of the best applications for LED lighting is where High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting resides. Often these lamps burn for long periods and consume high amounts of energy. When it comes time to replace these lamps and their ballast, high maintenance costs are incurred as lifts and replacement lamps are both expensive.

vootu has developed the most comprehensive solution to this universal problem. Our LED retrofits allows for the current fixtures to remain and the existing lamp & ballast be replaced with our LED plate and driver.

We have thousands of vootu LED retrofits in service and the results are always the same– significant improvements in lighting levels and huge savings in energy and maintenance costs. Below is a chart showcasing our range:

HID Lamp vootu Retrofits Savings
100 watt 35 watt  65%
175 watt 45 watt  74%
250 watt 65 watt  74%
320 watt 100 watt  68%
400 watt 120 watt  70%
700 watt 240 watt  66%
1000 watt 400 watt  60%
1500 watt 480 watt  68%

From School Gymnasiums to Parking Lots ,vootu’s  LED retrofits solve the problem of adopting LED benefits. If new fixtures are called for, then vootu has a comprehensive range of new fixtures with modern designs and superior performance. We guarantee to deliver the best value LED lighting solutions for your facility.

If you are looking for new fixtures, here’s an indication of our range:

  • LED Wallpacks
  • LED Street Lights
  • LED Shoe Box
  • LED Low Bay
  • LED High Bay
  • LED Panel Lights
  • LED Flood LIghts

If you have an LED project, please contact a vootu distributor to avoid the mistakes of purchasing inferior technology. vootu stands behind all of our products and services with a industry best 5 year warranty.

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