Why should we change to LED Lighting?

Today LED lighting is the most modern form of lighting, much the same way as hybrid electric cars are the latest technology in the car industry. If asked “what do you know about LED lamps”, most not all people will answer:

  • They use less energy
  • They last a long time
  • They are expensive

I can agree with the first two points, but how do you qualify expensive? Yes, the initial purchase cost will be higher than the traditional product we are all used to buying, but over the life of the LED lamp I guarantee your overall cost of ownership will be lower with an LED lighting solution. Now factor in some more less known benefits of LED:

  • Cooler operating temperatures lower your cooling costs
  • No ultra violet light in the spectrum – does not attract bugs
  • No infra red light in the spectrum – eliminates color fade
  • No eye fatigue – lower occurrence of migraine for people sensitive to fluorescent flicker
  • No toxic material used in the manufacture – no mercury or phosphorus
  • Robust construction – no glass, no breakage
  • Compatible with many lighting controls, dimmer, occupancy sensors

Back to my comment on todays car technology, no one opts to buy or replace a car today with one that is 10-20 years outdated. So why consider a light bulb that is outdated and environmentally dangerous! LED lighting will pay for itself in more ways than one!